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Suzanne Butz - PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor

Suzanne Butz |Psychotherapist Wollongong| FromSurviving2Thriving

Suzanne understands that life can be stressful, that change happens and that life can leave us feeling jaded and stuck, or anxious and depressed.  She also knows that this is not where we have to stay.  It’s never too late to create the life you want!  And it’s never too early to learn the skills that facilitate a productive, energetic and joyful life.

With rigorous training in various approaches to healing, across the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual realms, Suzanne discovered that she also has a powerful ability to take the latest neuroscience and turn it into everyday language.  Combining psychotherapy modalities and stress and trauma understandings she has been able to produce a Stress to Bliss Model that helped her understand and heal her own life.

She is passionate about sharing this information and techniques with others who want to transition to living their best life.

“I can’t change what’s happening around you, but I can give you the skills to change how you react and how you feel.  Then YOU can create the change you want and need in your life.”

Suzanne has a keen interest in how relaxation promotes a healthier, happier life.

She believes the past can affect us in the now, and bringing a gentle awareness to past issues and allowing our current selves to work with compassion on those issues frees us to live more in the present and to create new patterns and directions for our future.

Suzanne has worked in the areas of change and problem management for many years.  She has an appreciation of the difficulties associated with change, both personal and professional.

Suzanne brings an approach that involves mind, body and spirit.  She believes that integrating heart and mind is the way forward.

She believes that each of us can create and control our own change, and that it is never too late to give yourself permission to be the best person you can be and to create the life we really want.

Suzanne sometimes works with other psychotherapy professionals, all of whom have a firm belief in the power of change and all of whom have a commitment to working from the heart.

Suzanne holds sessions in person at her clinic at 47 Second Ave North, Warrawong NSW 2502.  Suzanne also offers counselling and therapy sessions via Zoom or other VOIP protocols.

Suzanne is also available for speaking engagements and for mentoring purposes for enthusiastic people of all ages.

Suzanne worked for 20 plus years in Information Technology, before retraining as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.  She works to assist corporations resolve problems and achieve change; she now also works with individuals to achieve real change in their lives.

Suzanne has developed a FromSurviving2Thriving education package to teach people to identify stress in their lives, and to give people access to information to reduce stress in a very cost effective way.